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age = 15 |hero = night Rider |alias = N/A |category = N/A |location = canton ohio USA |identity = Secret |alterego = Unknown |status = Active |faction = < |affiliates = |foes = |actions = keeping my city save |gender = female |costume = all leather and leather boot and glove |colors = black |symbol = N/A |equipment = iron chain and whip |abilities = lights up in flames }}

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mystery Rider is a Real Life Superhero she love to help others and fight crime she wish someone would get her on camera and say she good and tell the news that she good and here to help others and here to fight crime

has a horse the turns into the motorcycle which is on fire its name is midnight its a girl how I got my powers me and a friend was walking in the woods and me and her came a pond a wired looking fruit in the wood I told her not to eat it and her dad was a scientists and I told her to get her dad and she said it ok we can eat it and so we ate it and we where thinking of superpowers my was being the mystery rider and she want to have ice powers and a week later she was in a car accident and she and her dad and mom was killed and I when back to the wired fruit and I ate more and wish I would have the power of my and friends superhero and I got my superpowers and I swore I was going to fight crime and help others for the rest the time I got my powers for her and a year later I find out her and family was killed by someone and act like the car has exploded and got away forever and I'm going to that person and find out why that person did that from the mystery rider and I'm in 7th grade and I go to school in canton ohio I have friends there but they don't know who I'm because I never told them who I'm because to keep them safe from Danger this from the mystery rider be safe and try to catch me on camera please. no one has got me on camera yet I'm a real life superhero and I'm asking for one thing if you see me please take a picture of me please were people say I'm not real I live in canton ohio and I only come out at night please and I like watching Logan Paul he's really awesome and funny and I have a friend that found a drawing of me and put it on Facebook here the title of it's the mystery rider. I hope u guy's see me one night I am here protect my city and my home I know I have not been helping my city and keep it save I am here now people told me I'm nothing I'm fake I'm not real but I'm real I have feeling and I'm going to help my city and home to be save. no one has proof I'm real I need who ever to take a picture of me and send it to night rider15 and her profile picture is what I look like just watch out for me and if you see me tell night rider15 you seen me ok. its a lot for a 15 year old I know its night job I do so yea have a great night. it may be a lot for a 15 year old but I'm keeping the city safe and my parent not knowing who I'm am when they are sleeping at night so yea.

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