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Mr. Xtreme is an American Real Life Superhero in San Diego, California. 


Early life

The man that would become Mr. Xtreme grew up in San Diego in a household where he was abused, bullied at school, jumped by gang members, and even molested as a child. He claims to also be the victim of violent crime and that a wave of violence in the early 1990s left an impact on him. During the documentary Superhero, his mother tells a story about how after the birth of his younger brother and a statement from his grandmother, Mr. Xtreme was never happy again. Growing up he was a big fan of superheroes and comic books and ultimately chose to become one himself by becoming an RLSH.

At age 22, he became a member of the Guardian Angels and for eight years he worked to stop crime with them in San Diego during which he made at least 20 citizens arrests. However, he later chose to leave and become an RLSH.[1]Exwires

Career as Mr. Xtreme

In the summer of 2006, Mr. Xtreme decided to take his love of superheroes and join the RLSH community. He is also the leader and founder of the Xtreme Justice League, which gained awareness to it from the Real Life Super Heroes Project and its website. He got his inspiration for his suit by the Power Rangers and other Superheroes. During the day he works as a security guard.

Over the course of his career as a crime-fighter, Mr. Xtreme tackled a number crimes, ranging from street fights to handing out food to the homeless. One of his most publicly reported stunts was his investigation and personal manhunt for the Chula Vista Groper. He went as far as to go on live television and hand out wanted posters of the Groper.

During his career, he worked with a number of different RLSH community members, including Vigilante Spider, Urban Avenger, Shadow Hare and many more.

On July 23, 2020, Mr. Xtreme stepped down from the Xtreme Justice League in order to move onto the next phase of his life.[1]


Originally, Mr. Xtreme's first suit consisted of a green XJL t-shirt, black pants, black utility belt, and camo black lens ski mask. After a few years, he upgraded his suit to the more recognizable one which consists of a black body armor vest, red camo shorts, black elbow and knee pads, shin guards, black boots, green XJL cape, black gear belt, spiked gauntlets, and black fingerless gloves. In regards to identity concealment, he wears a green helmet with several stickers and ski goggles. On the front of his suit he wears two green symbols. One which says "Extreme Justice League" and the second which says "Evil Suppression Unit". He also wears stickers of Yoda and Kitty Genovese. He also has on his costume, newspaper clippings of Kitty Genovese, a Rape and Murder Victim, he dedicated his team to her.


Mr. Xtreme wears a utility belt which he uses to carry a variety of tools, including a taser, pepper spray, SureFire E2D Defender flashlight, first aid kit, and handcuffs. In regards to transportation, Mr. Xtreme drives a white van which he uses to carry equipment and materials for homeless handouts.

Incident Reports

  • In 2001, prior to becoming Mr. Xtreme, he was working with a different group (possibly the Guardian Angels). Mr. Xtreme and his team saw a man assaulting a woman in an alley. Him and the group wound up intervening and cornering the man and providing medical attention to the woman. The man was ultimately arrested on multiple charges and sentenced to 34 years in jail.[2][3]


  • Martial Arts: Mr. Xtreme is trained in a number of fighting styles including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and Muay Thai. However, by his own admission, he is not an expert martial artist.



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