Please Be on the Lookout for Mr.Claw We need pictures!
Vital Statistics
Hero Mr.Claw
Alias(es) Captain Claw, Mr.Claw
Category community services, public defense
Location Orlando, Florida
Identity Unknown
Alter Ego Secret
Status Last Seen May 14, 2019
Superhero Activity
Faction N/A
Affiliates N/A
Foes Wild Cat
Actions Stopping Small Crimes
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Tall Blue Boots, A yellow, black, and blue mask, blue tight pants, a yellow and blue shirt/jacket
Colors Yellow and Blue
Symbol Has no distinctive Symbol
Equipment Gloves with Claws attached to the fingers
Abilities N/A

Mr. Claw is a real life superhero who is not yet a member of Team Justice, Inc

His true identity is unknown all we do know is he goes around patrolling the streets of Orlando to protect Denizens in need. He was originally described as looking like Marvel's Wolverine. But it was later elaborated upon that he "Looked like Wolverine's weird younger Brother in Tights!"

He was spotted once on the street listening to "A Modified version of Jim Croce's song Bad Bad Leroy Brown." Upon being asked he said" It's my Theme Jam Man!" We are yet to recreate it but are sure it sounded spectacular!

No pictures have been taken yet but there have been many sightings. He wears Blue tights, a yellow and blue jacket/ shirt, a yellow mask that covers most of his face, He wears very tall blue boots.

This hero also sometimes goes by the name "Captain Claw" He wears an alternate costumes when going by this name He wears his usual get up but instead replaces his mask with a yellow cowboy hat and a blue smaller mask.

I am hoping to see Mr.Claw join "Marvel" sometime in the near future. Look out Orlando here comes the next Big Hero!

We recently received new info on Mr.Claw. He at 1:20 took down a man calling himself "Wild Cat" He escaped from Mr.Claw at 1:40 before Mr.Claw could turn him in to the authorities. If any new info is found out about "Wild Cat" please Contact Team Justice, Inc

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