Michigan Protectors
Logo of the Michigan Protectors
Team Statistics
Group Michigan Protectors
Category Crime Fighters
Headquarters Michigan, USA
Status N/A
Team Activity
Leader(s) Bee Sting (possibly former member) Venge, Animal
Members Animal, Venge, Sentinel, Red Jacket, Void
Allies N/A
Foes N/A
Actions Community Outreach, Neighborhood Patrols

The Michigan Protectors were an American group of Real Life Superheroes based in Michigan.


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The Michigan Protectors were originally created by Animal, Venge, and other RLSH. They did this in order to bring the Michigan RLSH members together and form a group. The name Michigan Protectors was chosen for the Facebook group and it stuck later on. The group had no leaders, they worked together as one whole. Every Year, near the start of the year, the group met up somewhere in Michigan and helps with homeless outreaches and patrols in the city. Later down the road Bee Sting joined the group but was later kicked from it for bringing a shotgun on patrol and then firing it during a struggle. It was a group vote that this was to happen. During this same time, it was learned that there was a website made for Michigan Protectors. The creater of the website is unknown as of now. The group is no longer active.

Part of the Michigan Protectors IS still active. This is Sentinel. I continue to do the work the Michigan Protectors was created to do. Help one another, and fight apathy, or not!

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