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Vital Statistics
Hero Mercy
Alias(es) Nightingale, Guardian Angel
Category Support
Location Saint Petersburg, FL
Identity Secret
Alter Ego Unknown
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Bay Coast Guardians
Affiliates The Warden, Green Reaper, Knuckleduster
Foes Petty criminals
Actions N/A
Physical Description
Gender Female
Costume Hooded short-cloak and dark clothes.
Colors Purple and black
Symbol The Immaculate Heart of Mary
Equipment Bow and Arrows, and more sharp things than you can possibly imagine.
Abilities Uncontrollable rage, Witcher-in-a-can

Mercy is a Real Life Superhero operating out of Saint Petersburg, FL. She's the blades combat expert of the Bay Coast Guardians.


Mercy joined the Bay Coast Guardians in the beginning of 2017. In the past, when Mercy was just a civilian, she had gotten mixed up in gang activity and drugs. She realized how bad of a life she was leading when an opportunity came by to relieve her from that lifestyle. She changed how she treated people and found that she wanted to help the people she had hurt in the past. Bay Coast Guardians enabled her to do just that.


  • Dark/black clothing
  • Hooded, black cloak with the Immaculate Heart of Mary symbolized on the back
  • The occasional black, leather jacket
  • Black, steel-toed boots
  • Multiple hidden places to hold the many sharp objects that she owns
  • Utility belt
  • Black, finger-less gloves
  • A mask covering the nose and mouth, usually with the shape and outline of a skull's face.
  • Throwing knives
  • Occasional Sword (Celtic War Sword)
  • Occasional bow and arrows
  • Her prized contraption The Regurgitator, which causes horrendous, uncontrollable nausea, and clears a room pretty fast. (Or covers it in vomit. Either way, it gets the job done.)

Mercy has this uncontrollable rage, that terrifies and/or intimidates whoever is in her way. The way it works is too much adrenaline, and not enough receptors in the brain, causing a sort of black out.



The Immaculate Heart of Mary, is on the back of her cloak as her personal symbol.

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