Mai ShoGun 2015

Not even God can defeat me on my best day."

..said by Mai ShoGun aka Red Lantern (IRL) of Orion's Arm (O.A.)

MaiShoGun uses a number of Aliases, most recently Ken Kamiya. His main superpower is that he has a Samsara Eye also known as Rinnegan.


Height: 5'8 / Weight: 170 lbs / Age: 30 years old / Digital Marketer

- ATI High Range IQ Test: 152 / XCOR IQ Test: 134 / MENSA IQ Test (Mobile App): 132 / ICONN IQ Test: 160

I. Leadership Assessment: Over 90% Edit

II. IBM Watson Personality Assessment: 100% intellect (2% need for love) Edit

III. Sokanu (Holland Codes): 100% intellect

IV. GMAT integrated reasoning: 100% or 99 percentile

V. Stanford 9 (nationally administered standardized test): 100% or 99 percentile for the entire country (USA) in English, Math, and Science for 3 consecutive years.

VI. Predictive Admissions Test (Founder Institute): Score of Prodigy (3.2/5.0)

VII. Ranked #2 at graduation in entire elementary school (Silver Medal in national rankings)

Real life red lantern 2018


Google screenshot on 5/26/2019

- Psychokinesis (Works on all sentient things so long as it is able to think; then it takes psionic damage.)

- Algorithm Bending (A.I. is alive according to Google's Church of AI God.)

- Data Alchemy (This is the ability that allows MSG to declare open challenges in debate.)

- Reality Jump ((Also as the Reality Distortion Field which Steve Jobs utilized during his lifetime.)

- Mixed Martial Arts (Shotokan brown belt, Brazilian JiuJItsu blue belt, and Muay Thai Kickboxing, former college instructor.)

- PSYOPS aka psychologial warfare as the CIA calls it.


Mai ShoGun and some previous allies won LUX Magazine's Best Video Game Safety and Welfare Advocacy award (under the organization named The NCGP; National Committee for Games Policy) during the 2018 inaugural Games Toys and Gadgets Award Show.

Rooster's The Know in 2018 called Mai ShoGun, "like superheroes" in response to their work during the video game lootcrate controversies. During this time, Mai ShoGun appeared in over 20 different gaming news publications including Forbes, VentureBeat, MMORPG, Tom's Hardware, and Breitbart.

MSG crowned the King of Orion's Arm (meaning the local chapter group of 66+ worlds) while he was (and still is) a super admin on the council of only 8 moderators for, the largest known database of over 2000+ alien species.

Google Search for: King of Orion's Arm. 1st result.

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