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Vital Statistics
Hero Knuckleduster
Alias(es) N/A
Category Vigilante
Location Saint Petersburg, FL
Identity Secret
Alter Ego Unknown
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Bay Coast Guardians
Affiliates The Warden, Mercy, Green Reaper
Foes Petty criminals
Actions Monitors crime, reports back to Bay Coast Guardians. Fights crime and injustice as well.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Similar to Robin. Hooded shirt with a short cloak, black multipurpose jeans, sturdy Brahmin mountain boots, small black mask concealing the area of the face surrounding the eyes.
Colors Red and black
Symbol N/A
Equipment Steel-lined gloves, escrima sticks (eventually), dual sting rings (taze rings)
Abilities Training in several martial arts including kickboxing, boxing, and Muay Thai, and even a little bit of Krav Maga.

Knuckleduster is a Real Life Superhero operating out of Saint Petersburg, FL. He's the martial arts, close quarters combat expert of the Bay Coast Guardians.


Knuckleduster prefers engagement toward the front lines, and is confident in battle. For the moment, his only weapons are his steel-lined combat gloves, which add power to his precise strikes. This is fitting because it is his preferred weapon, although it isn't what he uses first. When combating criminals, he finds it ideal to use escrima sticks for extra range, similar to what the fictional hero Kickass uses in the of the same name. To dispatch foes in a timely manner, he uses his dual sting rings, which effectively work like knuckle tazers.


Knuckleduster emerged as a vigilante in mid-late January of 2017 after being recruited by The Warden as a recommendation from Nightingayle. The following weeks were used to discuss what his equipment and identity would be. Now that he is ready, he will begin patrolling with the rest of the Bay Coast Guardians when he is available. When he is not available, he still monitors crime and reports his findings to the group. For information to contact him, contact The Warden through his wiki page information first.

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