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Knight Warrior
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Vital Statistics
Hero Knight Warrior
Alias(es) Knight Worrior
Category Crime Fighter
Location Salford, Merseyside,England, UK
Identity Public
Alter Ego Roger Hayhurst
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Justice Union
Affiliates Knight Maiden
Foes Rudeness, incivility, John Prescott
Actions Breaking up fights, discouraging anti-social behavior, keeping the peace
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Boots (Black), Gloves (Black), Cape (Blue), Hood (Blue), Lycra Shirt (Black & Blue)
Colors Black, Blue
Symbol Knight Shurikan
Equipment first aid kit, phone, Utility belt, shield
Abilities A supernatural desire to make the world a better place

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Knight Warrior New Look.jpg

Knight Warrior is a Real Life Superhero with a base of operations in Salford, Greater Manchester and in Merseyside, England. His mission statement as given in his own words:

My mission is to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all out of gum.


Knight Warrior recently became a RLSH starting in 2011 and started patrolling his neighborhood in his custom blue and black Lycra suit.

2011 Ballot Run[]

Knight Warrior declared an intention to run for Mayor of Salford, which was made the news in the British media. However, his bid to raise the deposit money required to run on the ballot failed due to lack of donations so he was forced to cancel plans to run. Knight Warrior then declared he would run for the Salford and Eccles MP seat at the next general election.

2012 Engagement[]

Due to his previous attempt at running for mayor of Salford, when Knight Warrior got engaged to fellow RLSH, Knight Maiden, their engagement was widely reported upon by the British news media.

2013 Baby Announcement[]

knight warrior and knight maiden announced on 12th of march 2013, that they were expecting their first child.


Boomtown is a TV series airing on BBC3 on Wednesday, august 14th. The show is set in a fictional town inhabited by characters from around Britain, including knight warrior and knight maiden. Knight warrior suggested on his personal Facebook page that their first child was most likely conceived on the set of boomtown, though it is not stated whether cameras were rolling at the time.


In 2013 while patrolling the Clifton area of Manchester with Knight Maiden, he was recognized by a group of men who proceeded to follow them shouting verbal abuse and making suggestive comments about Knight Maiden. The men followed them into an alleyway where they attacked Knight warrior. Knight Maiden was reportedly held by two of the men while two others held and beat Knight Warrior, leaving his face severely bruised. Knight Maiden received slight scratches and bruising as well as the men tore her skirt attempting to grope her legs and chest. After the incident both Knight warrior and Knight Maiden announced they would no longer be patrolling.

Radio Show[]

Knight Warrior hosted his own talk show on Salford City Radio called Dodge and Company until the 21st of February 2015. Knight maiden and a voice actor named JK co-hosted the show. The show dealt with current issues via call ins and tweeted questions as well as texts and facebook messages.

Web Series[]

During their time at Salford City Radio, Knight Warrior and Knight Maiden also produced an ongoing web series entitled "The MadHouse", which also featured several live streams where they would cook and perform. The show starred, Knight Warrior, Knight Maiden and Knight Maidens cousin. The show comprised mostly of short skits, a few minutes long each with recurring characters played by Knight Warrior, where he would dress as a woman or pull hit pants over his head to make himself look very short. The show ended abruptly after Knight Warrior discovered Knight Maiden had been cheating on him.

Break-Up with Knight Maiden and Move[]

After the end of their radio show, Knight warrior discovered through friends that Knight maiden had been cheating on him for some time with a mutual friend. Knight Warrior decided to end his relationship and shortly after moved to Liverpool, returning often to see his daughter whom lives with Knight Maiden and her partner. Knight Maiden also appears in adult movies according to her twitter and facebook page.

Out Of Retirement 2017[]

On December 19th, 2017, Knight Warrior announced via Facebook that he was coming out of retirement

2018 Now patrolling Merseyside[]

Knight warrior is now patrolling the streets of Merseyside. He also hands out packages to the homeless. Such as Blankets, Sleeping bags, Sandwiches, ect..


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