Khali - ninja master
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Vital Statistics
Hero Khali - ninja master
Alias(es) yak death
Category both sides, physical rlsh, materalistic rlsv, warrior/muhjadin, bushido
Location norway
Identity pal jensas
Alter Ego nakato
Status active
Superhero Activity
Faction stc, cult of Khali,rlsh
Affiliates none
Foes voilence, the irs, abuse, sex crime slavery, wrong politics, corruption>
Actions <politics,posts, voilence,vigelantism, protection, defence and propaganda
Physical Description
Gender male
Costume thousand faces, black and green ninja customes,muslim skirts, kevlar, totenkopf or bat, knives, clubs,totenkopf, army boots,streetware and army/warrior gear and much more, like ski hat, ninja/karate suit, recuver bow and arrows,laptop and mobile,flashlight, leater gloves w knucks protection, pulseglove, covert, rings and steel bar/leatherman, brass knuckels/knuckle duster, katana umbrella a.s.o. etc. etc.
Colors black nwhite, green,grey,red, purple,brown, diffrent
Symbol a p in a o, produced,or a botyh watp or my weapon shild a dagger crossd with a stietto
Equipment kevlar, things frm coustume,clubs(totenkopf, or baseball bats),knifes, kurkimanchete,bugout packs widerness survivel backpack w mt. cloth, sleeping bag, small air pup, blow up madrass, extra cloths n shooes (cloggs),dependng on mission type, rural, city in the woods, jungel, dessert waterbotlles, 5liter+, ussaly 3 liter cola, cooking and eating gear pluss some food like soup n mashd potatos,,rpe strenght thread,sewing kit tape (duck),black karate belt or army belts, air weapons gas holders and ammo ,first aid kit,bibe neck scarf masks and lots more
Abilities ilegal combat chokes,stealth, martial arts, calm, getaway,stepin, will, fast healing, regular training,tens of years as a thief, with nly 60 days prison, stole from bikes to food to picasso art works (plural) and other hi value art, gang-stc, accosiates experience,first aid, arctic survival+woodland temperd zone surviva +skiing, bible, iq on 136, mental abilitys and first and foreost service of god wich leads and win, know, info,prayer,charisma,meditation,revelation,natrual cmpass, sea farer,scribe, artist, nimble, hero g good look, rap musick performer, freestyle, mp3 producing, for affecting the youth on their ground/propaganda, top style, intimitation, smarts, blown chest n loosend toung, islams seven pillars, hunting with snare, small game rifle hunting, big game bow hunting, pc skills, author (written most of art of war part two), trustable,intregity, mercy and compassion, tuff,hard core hiphoper thaught the streets since black sunday, street wize, perception,hearing, focus, imagination, planing, loyal, inside knowdlege, gentel man, nice guy, good fellow, car driving, biking, substerfuge, bluffing, persuation,brainstormig & ideeas, packing skills after type mission, hounesty and houner,berserker, muhjadin, bushido,old school martial arts, weapon use, shooting skills, animal emphaty and communication, luck, guardian spirits, , secret power word, understanding, and more.

This is a story about what some think is the most fucked up person, ever, period.

Khali - ninja master is a Real Life Superhero. begun in 98 when i converted to islam wo knowing it, im fucking retarded. official 2016 rlsh as muhjadin and bushido and rlsh is the same, trinety two, one is islam, christianity, and jewishm, does much propaganda posting and planing, but also inervine to stop physical voilence but i want protect your wallet, ninja viking mujadin,weapons developer and maker, meditation, all aspects of martials arts, the art of living, hard to get aggressive but explosive, very quick and greate balance, pro drugs, use drugs as tool in rlsh work, red cross education, pluss wilderness training, traind by elite force spec solider and know moves not open to publick, getting old. fair,just,just crime, that is petty crime i let bee and i do robin hood stuff . I was molsted as a child, and still am by the antpeople. fucking ants. one day I will burn their world for burning my asshole with acid.>he is due to have a shirtless rooftop battle against the Irish master of dojima karl flood in a Halloween death match in October... The two masters of martial arts will settle there differences once and for all.. Winners wins half a million in cash and the losers weapons staff.. Karl flood has stated to news reporters that he is going to take his head clean off in one punch.. Pol was not available to make comment at this time.


< grew up a fucking screw up, then i found islam, patrold and did my dutys,lots on asylums, drug user, was a full blown rlsv before i converted, last action was a dozen bat smacks in the head of a female groper, wich thrashd my base ball bat, it was only a 500grams, there could stand lots more here but i let it bee


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