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Iron Lamb
Iron Lamb field
Iron Lamb
Vital Statistics
Hero Iron Lamb
Alias(es) N/A
Category N/A
Location Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Identity N/A
Alter Ego N/A
Status N/A
Superhero Activity
Faction N/A
Affiliates N/A
Foes N/A
Actions N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume N/A
Colors N/A
Symbol N/A
Equipment RC robotic sheep w/cameras & warning systems
Abilities N/A

Iron Lamb is a Real Life Superhero based out of Zoetermeer, Netherlands. He patrols the pastures of Zoetermeer with a remote controlled robotic sheep to protect sheep from assailants


It all started around May 2008. In the meadows around Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. A brutal attack on a sheep took place. It wasn’t the first time- in 2006 a sheep was set on fire with gasoline, and in 2007 two 2-days old lambs were killed by hammer blows on the head. This time the police found a sheep beheaded and hung at a tree. Holland doesn’t have animal cops ( like in the U.S.) and the police had other priorities, so a Dutch teacher decided to help out and began patrolling the meadows in civilian clothes, armed with a camera.

Still another attack took place in August 2009,  a lamb was tied to a picnic table and was cut from head to groin. Autopsy on the poor creature revealed that it was done while the lamb was still alive. In May 2010 a suspect was caught and confessed to the mutilation and killing of 2 sheep and 3 lambs. He was sentenced to 3 weeks of jail and a fine of 500 euros.

This sentence was based on the fact that he was booked for trespassing and property damage (the animals). Nothing was said about the cruelty of his crimes and the fact he had fun seeing those lambs suffering. Just property damage.

These events inspired Iron Lamb to become a protector of the sheep, but a couple of obstacles were in front of him. First, there are mask-laws in the Netherlands so try to use a secret ID could give me problems. Second, the things are happening in the fields and if he would enter the fields, according to the Dutch laws he would be trespassing How could he do his “thing” and still act according to the laws of his country? He got an idea from a source most of us are using as an inspiration source. A comic book. He read the DC book, “Kingdom Come” wherein Batman is an broken old man. He doesn't go out on patrols anymore but uses remote-controlled batdrones he controls from the Batcave.

Iron Lamb asked a hypothetical question to a friend of his who worked at a law-firm (not telling him about his plans) and learned that the use of a remote controlled device was a way to surpass the problem and was in the limit of the law.

Now with the idea of creating a remote control robot, there was now the thought process on what the creation would be.

One night he saw the first Iron Man movie. There was a scene wherein our armored hero protected a village from thugs invading it. He just jumped in and protected them against the evil that was done against them.The descision was made, he would built an Iron Lamb. it is based on the gray armor Tony Stark used in his first 2 adventures.

Iron Lamb  patrols  at weekends. The Iron Lamb uses non-lethal weapons, has a camera and uses warning equipment to make a possible crime more visible for everyone living close to the meadows.[citation needed]

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