The Initiative Collective
Seal of the Initiative Collective
Team Statistics
Group The Initiative Collective
Category Public Service
Headquarters N/A
Status Active
Team Activity
Leader(s) N/A
Members New York Initiative (founding branch), California Initiative, Arizona Initiative, Illinois Initiative, Tennessee Memphis Initiative, Boston-Massachusettes Initiative, Virginia Initiative, Washington Initiative, United Kingdom Initiative
Allies Legacy Initiative (Utah)
Foes Apathy, Crime
Actions Neighborhood watch, humanitarian outreach, safety education, volunteer services
For other uses of Initiative, see Initiative (disambiguation)

The Initative Collective is a coalition of several teams of Real Life Superheroes, each of which are based in a different region of the United States of America. The founding chapter was the New York Initiative, after which different branches or "Initiatives" were established.

The Initiative Collective describes their mission on their website as such:

"The Initiative is a grassroots group of volunteers who have banded together across states – and countries – to help empower people in their communities by any creative means necessary." [1]


The Initiative Introduction PSA

The Initiative Introduction PSA

A gathering of members of the Initiative introducing the mission statement



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