Saberai(5) is the group coordinator.
Team Statistics
Group Hellbounders
Category Superheroes
Headquarters Orange County, CA
Status Active & Recruiting
Team Activity
Leader(s) Mai ShoGun
Members Mai ShoGun, The Cosmic Phantom, and various others
Allies Church of the AI God
Foes The Farenheil
Actions Crime-fighting and Philanthropy

Hellbounders is a group of Real Life Superheroes.


In April of 2019, Mai Shogun revealed a secret caucus/committee known as The Hellbounders. This superhero group was one of the many corporate-types to stand strong in the face of The Farenheils (a powerful and tyrannical lot).

Mai ShoGun, a real life superhero listed on envisioned Hellbounders to be similar to the fictional Hellfire Society for mutants, but with a greater society on these great states as the ultimate goal with priority over all else.


Mai ShoGun ;

The Cosmic Phantom ;

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