Green Reaper
Not yet photographed.
Vital Statistics
Hero Green Reaper
Alias(es) Weedman
Category Support
Location Saint Petersburg, FL
Identity Secret
Alter Ego Unknown
Status Inactive
Superhero Activity
Faction Bay Coast Guardians
Affiliates The Warden, Mercy, Knuckleduster
Foes Logic, reason, Nesquik
Actions Nonspecific
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Green gas mask and a long cloak
Colors Green and black
Symbol Black and green marajuana leaf
Equipment Two boomerangs, quarterstaff
Abilities Nigh-immunity to cannabis toxins

Green Reaper was a Real Life Superhero operating out of Saint Petersburg, FL. He was the oddball member of the Bay Coast Guardians.


Shortly after the creation of the Bay Coast Guardians, Green Reaper donned his equipment for the first time and was the first member to officially join. His odd talents and skills left Warden unsure of his use to the team for a while, but eventually he cemented himself down in a spot that seemed to fit him perfectly: Promoting marijuana legalization.

Warden now uses Green Reaper as the first line of defense any time the team will be entering an area containing cannabis smoke.

Stance on CannabisEdit

A peculiar hero, Green Reaper's view on marijuana differs from many RLSH in that he is pro-legalization, as opposed to anti-legalization. Instead of seeing it as a dangerous drug, he sees it as an herb that has great potential in both the medical and recreational fields, and promotes its ability to both treat dangerous diseases and act as a safer replacement to both alcohol and other, dangerous, recreational drugs.

"I look forward to the day I can fight crime with one hand while smoking a blunt in the other."


Green Reaper's reputation as the oddball of the Bay Coast Guardians is not without merit. He has a lot of simply strange traits to blame for it.

Immunity to cannabisEdit

Green Reaper has a nigh-immunity to any cannabis-based toxin, his body having a massive tolerance for the substance. Growing up, Green Reaper was exposed to heavy quantities of second-hand smoke, but the source of this power remains speculation.

Impossibly good luckEdit

Green Reaper has been observed to have a ridiculously high level of luck. Just a few things that have occurred:

  • A stun gun, discharged into his side, didn't have enough battery left to affect him.
  • He has won hundreds of dollars playing the lottery, several times
  • He gets out of bad situations without actively doing anything, merely letting them work out for him

Irrational behaviorEdit

Green Reaper's behavior can change at next to any moment. The combination of this and his permanently-good mood lead to a running joke in the BCG that the pot smoke from his childhood never truly left his bloodstream.

Irrational thought processEdit

Green Reaper tends to think in a way completely abstracted from reality at times, drawing some ridicule along with a copious amount of genuine confusion. Do not mistake his alien thought process for stupidity however, as his nonlinear thinking has gotten the BCG out of a bind more than once.

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