Green Lantern (Charlotte Justice League)
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No actual picture has been captured of Green Lantern but this is his logo.
Vital Statistics
Hero Green Lantern
Alias(es) Hal Jordan
Category N/A
Location Charlotte, NC, USA
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status On Temporary Leave
Superhero Activity
Faction Charlotte Justice League
Affiliates None
Foes Basic Criminals in Charlotte
Actions N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Suit, Ring, Mask
Colors Green, Black
Symbol N/A
Equipment Ring, Tazer
Abilities Trained Martial Artist

Green Lantern (of the Charlotte Justice League) is a real life superhero from Charlotte, NC. 


Green Lantern has been in service since early 2013.

Green Lantern spends the majority of his childhood speaking too often, which he feels benefits him during his crime-stopping rampages. Oftentimes he will listen to The Eagles, the rocking musical group, in order to get really excited about living life.

Employing his powers, which he lovingly refers to as ‘Bargain shopping karate chopping while decent, decent, decent folk are shopping,’ he feels strongly that he could stop a bad guy dead in his tracks if he even found one.

Once, combing the beaches for gainfully employed accountants, Green Lantern stumbled across what he once felt was a secret orb. He felt that the secret orb could give him the power of flight. Unfortunately, this power of flight was, in all actuality, the ability to run away from danger. Not the ability to soar above common folk.

Undaunted, our hero took up sewing and enjoys watching DVDs in his spare time. Green Lantern also almost has his drivers license.


He can be contacted at the CJL website.

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