GhostGuy is a Dutch Real Life Superhero that operates in Arnhem, Dalfsen, Zwolle and Balkbrug. He mostly patrols the Streets at night.

Vital Statistics
Hero GhostGuy
Alias(es) GG, Great Game, smoke grenade
Category vigilante
Location Zwolle, Dalfsen, Balkbrug and Arnhem; The Netherlands
Identity secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status active
Superhero Activity
Faction Angels of Orange
Affiliates Captain BrightLight, Bloodslash, Urban Soldier, Orange Angel
Foes N/A
Actions N/A
Physical Description
Gender male
Costume a black suit build up out of regulair clothing and a skull as mask
Colors black, white
Symbol a ghostly skull with GG in the eyes
Equipment N/A
Abilities N/A

He can frequently be seen at day, keeping Bloodslash company.

History Edit

He takes inspiration from Green Reaper

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