The Fauna Fighters
The Fauna Fighters Logo by Leah G
Team Statistics
Group The Fauna Fighters
Category Masked Animal Activists
Headquarters Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Status Active
Team Activity
Leader(s) N/A
Members Flying Fox, Thylacine
Allies N/A
Foes Animal Cruelty
Actions Protests, Petition Drives, Urban/Nature Reserve Clean-Ups, Charitable/Volunteer Work
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The Fauna Fighters are a duo of Real Life Superheroes operating in Melbourne Australia. Their work is primarily based in animal rights activism.  


Formed in early 2012, The Fauna Fighters; Flying Fox and Thylacine, have taken to the city of Melbourne Australia to raise awareness for animal rights, actively assisting various organizations in protests and petition drives.  In union with a PETA letter writing campaign, their 2012 protest against department store David Lawrence for their sale of fur led to the chain pulling unethical items from stock indefinitely. The Fauna Fighters have also publically supported, volunteered and raised funds for the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Victoria. Their protest allies have included Freedom for Farmed Rabbits, Melbourne Pig Save, Oscars Law and various anti-vivisection groups.

Taking cues from the Golden Age Of Comic Books, the Fauna Fighters are bright, flamboyant and have used both social and mainstream media to further their message, as opposed to the more subdued and anti-media approach favoured by others in the Real Life Superhero community. They have proclaimed themselves  a hybrid of the Batman television program of the 1960’s, and modern animal rights groups.

IMG 7419

The Fauna Fighters show their support for Animals Australia in 2012

The duo’s other altruistic works have included both neighbourhood and nature reserve clean-ups. Both Thylacine and Flying Fox are practicing vegans and encourage people to forsake their support of the industrialized meat industry to the best of their ability.

The Fauna Fighters have been featured in various magazines, news articles and radio programs and continue to pursue their goal of a world where “Life is Life regardless of vessel….”

The Fauna Fighter's future plans include more protests, petition drives, clean ups and even recruitment into their RLSH team. They also hope to unify with other local RLSH's to create a uniquely Australian league of altruists with which to tackle various social issues in Australia.

Both cite Shadow-Hare RLSH, Purple Reign RCSM, Captain Ozone and Captain Australia as their primary inspirations.

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