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Vital Statistics
Hero Empathy
Alias(es) Paul E. Johnson, Ottawa Superhero
Category hero support, public outreach, public service
Location Ottawa, Starved Rock, Chicago, Illinois
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction P.A.T.C.H
Affiliates Patch Work, Crusader Prime, Wraith, The Variable, Tommyknocker, Karma, The Truth, The Beholder
Foes Circus Jaxs
Actions clean up and safety checks, patrols, Homeless outreach
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Mask/Helmet, gloves, hood (sometimes), boots
Colors Purple and Gold (on white or black base)
Symbol Three horns of Odin surrounded by winged Shield
Equipment First Aid kit, Hard knuckle gloves, armor
Abilities Basic self defense and first aid training

Empathy is a Real Life Superhero. Helping the Community in small but important ways, Empathy cares about the safety and beauty of the world we live in. Though his community outreach started over a decade ago, He first donned the mask after 12/12/12, while making the decision to do something instead of complaining about those who get paid to help the less fortunate. The first outfit was made up of clothing made from various projects, while He designed something a bit more "friendly". As time went on, He put together a few odds and ends and eventually came up with the all black with a purple shirt. As the personal design came closer to completion He replaced the dark and broody "All Black" with Purple and Gold on a plain White backdrop. The reasoning for focusing on his look was due to the complaints about how "scary" he was while cleaning parks and picking up trash. The actions were taking a backseat to what he was really trying to draw attention to. After a few interviews and more than a few random drive by photo ops, The hype died down about what he looked like and focus began on the good he was doing for the community. Over the first year a few impostors sprang up claiming to be Empathy and he even had a couple people fill in from time to time. The turning point in his outreach was when he met up with the Heroes of P.A.T.C.H. and began working with seasoned vets, so to speak. Though some have claimed to be heroes in his area, He is still the ONLY active RLSH in the Illinois Valley area. We hope to someday see more men and women take up the cause of helping their fellow man, No Mask Required.


First became a masked RLSH on 12/12/12, has continued with his actions to the present day. After an almost fatal stabbing early in 2014, Empathy began carrying on his work in secret. The once outgoing and energetic Hero now tends to stay away from the public during busy or crowded events, choosing to do more out of uniform than in. He can sometimes be seen with partners in the Chicago land area. Due to the stigma of wearing a mask in public, photos are usually posed for with a half mask or bandanna for online use, but some private photos exist bearing his face. After another incident involving an attempted stabbing in late 2015, Empathy and an unidentified partner subdued and restrained an alleged drug-dealer by duct-taping him upside-down on playground equipment. No illegal contraband was recovered and no charges filed in the incident. Empathy continues to discourage public law-breaking, however his focus is on feeding the homeless and providing supplies to the less fortunate.

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