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Dark Guardian
Photo by Peter Tangen
Vital Statistics
Hero Dark Guardian
Alias(es) Chris, Sensei Chris, Sensei Dark Guardian
Category N/A
Location Staten Island, New York, USA
Identity Public
Alter Ego Chris Pollack[1]
Status Unknown
Superhero Activity
Faction New York Ronin, Guardian Angels, New York Initiative (formerly)
Affiliates Cameraman, Life, Blind-Side
Foes Crime, Gangs, Drug Dealers
Actions Neighborhood patrol, Homeless hand outs
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume N/A
Colors Black, Blue, Red
Symbol N/A
Equipment N/A
Abilities Martial Arts Expert
For other uses of Dark, see Dark (disambiguation)
For other uses of Guardian, see Guardian (disambiguation)

Dark Guardian is an American Real Life Superhero in New York City. and goes out fighting crime and helping those in need. He has been know to take on drug dealers, pimps, and gangs. He is based out of New York, and has been known to work with other superheroes to keep the streets safe. He is the founder of the New York Ronin, as well as a member of the Guardian Angels, and has been known to work with other superheroes to keep the streets safe.


Pollack began patrolling the streets of Staten Island, New York, in 2002 or 2003 when he was nineteen. He would normally patrol the streets stopping drug dealers, handing out food to the homeless, and trying to stop pedophiles.


Dark Guardians first suit consisted of a red and blue sleeveless shirt with a "DG" logo on it, black and red pants, black boots, black gear belt, and a black mask with a red and blue hood to hide his face. Although he eventually abandoned wearing a mask in order to pursue a public identity. He would sometimes wear a red and black leather jacket. He later upgraded his suit with a red bulletproof vest. While out as member of the Guardian Angels, he wears a red beret. He will occasionally wear a pair of red sunglasses.


While out as Dark Guardian, Pollack mainly relies on his martial arts training in order to keep himself safe. However, he does carry a flashlight with him.


  • Martial Arts: Dark Guardian has trained in a variety of fighting styles including Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Kali. In addition, he is a third degree black belt in at least one of these styles.



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