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Citizen Heroes is a documentary on real life superheroes directed by Matt Harrison, produced by FutureSite Films, and slated for release in fall 2012 by Starbird Pictures. The concept for the documentary was presumably sparked by the 2011 media frenzy caused by Phoenix Jones. Filming for the documentary started on February 2011 and the documentary focuses on RLSH of the Pacific Northwest region of the US. The documentary features the following RLSH: Sting, Legion, Dark Wolf, Black Knight, Blue Sparrow, Bridges, Red Dragon, Pitch Black, Ghost, Phoenix Jones, SkyMan, White Baron, Roswell, Tigress, Knight Owl, Iconoclast, Thanatos, Apocalypse Meow, Indigo, Midnight Jack, Templar, and Purple Reign.[1] Fundraising to cover for post-production costs was attempted through the popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, but the production fell short of its $7,000 fundraising goal and the project was not funded on Kickstarter.[2]


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