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This category lists the Real Life Superheroes in the United Kingdom.

NO.1: The Renegade

The Renegade who is said to be an urban myth as well as a ghost by many and is believed to be the only actual vigilante fighting crime at such a high level ‘ his real identity remains unknown he is believed by fans to be responsible for the capture of dangerous criminals such as :

“ The Banker” ( people trafficker)

“The ripper “ ( serial rapist )

“The Gingerbread man” ( career thief )

“The Spectre” ( Crime boss)

“Blaze” (Arsonist )

Some of which are currently locked up in broad moor maximum security mental hospital since there arrests ‘ after someone came forward claiming to be the masked vigilante it was proven that it was a imposter posing as the vigilante for fame ‘ The Police have never been able to find any evidence of his existence at any crime scenes leading them to believe he doesn’t exist ‘ It’s also believed he comes out after dark ‘ he has criminals afraid to commit crimes at night ‘ it’s also rumoured that he once stopped a robbery at a jeep dealership but as the cctv hard drive was missing when police arrived it couldn’t be proven it was him who prevented the robbery but the fact he never leaves a trace has some saying it probably was ‘ as a show of gratitude the CEO named a model in his honour ( the jeep Renegade) ‘ many bands have made tribute songs about him and to this day he remains the no.1 vigilante in the U.K. and is unbeaten

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