His great-grandpappy was brought to America from Nigeria Africa by slave traders. The stories passed down to Ultra Negro Man taught him all he needed to know about the evil white man. He started lifting weights, practicing stealing bikes, and committing assault and battery old and disabled white people, whom he dubbed "the evil white devils".

After he had stolen his 9001st bike and beating 10 elderly disabled war veterans with a hockey stick, he decided he needed to target the REAL evil villians. White babies, and pregnant white women. He started by throwing feces at school-aged children as they tried to play sports.

He joined forces with another group of real life heroes (also known as "wannabe faggots"), called the Rain City Superhero Movement (also known as the "those crazy retards who think they're batman"). They got along very well. CUNM teamed up with another stupid faggot named Phoenix Jones, who teamed up to beat up white babies, and push white pregnant women to the ground.

Today, he lives in a trashcan in the bad neighborhood in Seattle, extorting money from elderly, homeless veterans, and throwing his feces at passersby.

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