​​​​​​  " Hello I'm Captain Code and I'm here to help the innocent in any situation with any means necessary. I also enjoy coffee in the morning and a small rock in my pocket when I'm next to water. I fall asleep rather quickly when I am next to traffic and my favorite color is unknown so my enemies won't use it against me."


Where do I start well a while ago I was working in the Defence force of Australia ( Air force, Navy, Army ) for people who don't know what the Defence force is well I worked there for about 9 years then I quit due to deep and dark personal reasons but I came back and a mate of mine got in some trouble with a couple people because of a hacking phase so I helped him out, I masked up and found these people and basically got them arrested for assult, racketering, and many more and from there on I called myself Captain Code. 


- Custom fingernail polish - Smoke pellets - Twine - Custom laptop with advanced facial recognition software. - Minesweeper and Microsoft Word - Custom Red Pulsar 2010 with extra features ( nitrous, rear view camera, passanger side laptop holder ) aka The Codemobile. - Five fingers on left hand - Utility belt - Matching socks - Nightvision goggles

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