Blue Potato
HeroShirt.png Blue Potato RLSH Mugshot
"Never Surrender!"
Vital Statistics
Hero Blue Potato
Alias(es) N/A
Category Hunger Fighter
Location Henryville, PA
Identity Public
Alter Ego Jason Vinansky
Status Retired
Superhero Activity
Faction RLSH
Affiliates N/A
Foes Famine of the Four Horsemen
Actions Collecting Food, Giving Food
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Sun Glasses, Vest, Long-Sleeve Shirt, Pants, Shoes
Colors Blue, White, Black
Symbol A blue Potato in a Black Circle
Equipment N/A
Abilities Food collecting, Food Giving, Humor

Blue Potato

Blue Potato RLSH
Blue Potato RLSH Mugshot

Blue Potato is a Real Life Superhero.


Jason Vinansky fought ghosts in a effort to save people's lives, however, he and the ghosts he was fighting in 2015 lost. Only his faith's lord had won. After letting himself down, Jason Vinansky got the idea to fight Famine by feeding the hungry. Jason adopted the name Blue Potato in his pursuit to fight Famine. After that, Blue Potato donated food to food pantries and worked at soup kitchens to feed the hungry who were plagued by Famine as he believes though hunger. Jason Vinansky as Blue Potato, fought hunger until his brother, Eric Vinansky, had to go to the Hospital. Jason's Vinansky's brother was, "covered in tubes and couldn't open his eyes, or speak". As Jason's mother is a senior citizen, and with no one to help her; Jason had to temporary retire with hopes that he will return as Blue Potato and fight Famine when his brother has recovered from his illness.

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