Bloodslash is a Dutch Real Life Superhero based in Zwolle, a city in the Netherlands. he can be spotted regularly in the center of Zwolle, observing and patrolling the Streets.

Vital Statistics
Hero Bloodslash
Alias(es) Power Ranger, Spiderman, Positive Leprechaun, Bloodyboy, Teddybear, Bloodbear, Cisco Ramón
Category guy in a suit that helps people out and fights occasional crime
Location Zwolle, The Netherlands
Identity secret
Alter Ego ´Frank´
Status active
Superhero Activity
Faction Angels of Orange
Affiliates Captain BrightLight, Incredible Spider, Stealth Sicarian, Urban Soldier, GhostGuy, Carnage Canine, Orange Angel, Voltflare, Fluxic
Foes Isa Boztoprak
Actions founder AoO, several patrolls in Zwolle, charity
Physical Description
Gender male
Costume as he told mulrtiple times :"Try to imagine the Jokers take on Night Trasher's suit with a little bit of militairy mixed in."
Colors red, black
Symbol a red smiley with a cross and a V as eyes and a ridged mouth
Equipment two disc shaped shields, carbon knuckled gloves, dog repeller, saw, lighter, emergency blankets, medical kit, whistle, magnetic bracelets
Abilities "the ability to be super annoying" practicing in the northern praying mantis style (kung fu)

History Edit

there is not much known about his history. although he did say he was inspired by an episode of NCIS. there is also a rumor, saying that he started out as stand in for another RLSH. he is one of the founders of the Angels of Orange.

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