At a young age Black Phoenix has been obsessed with superheroes. When he was 9 he heard about real life superheroes. Him being the oldest of 5 with 4 younger sisters, he had to take up the role of a father figure. When he was 9 he noticed that there were no real life superheroes in his city, Cabot, Arkansas, so for two years he trained. He was in 7th when he became Black Phoenix and since then he has been patrolling the streets of Cabot.

Over the past years Black Phoenix has inspired others to take up a mantel as a RLSH. Since his first patrol there has been 5 other real life superheroes. Their names are Striker, Lightning Strike, Red Obsidian, Paladin and Echo, the last to are girls. Black Phoenix started a RLSH group one year ago, it's called The Crimson Defenders. You can find Black Phoenix mostly during patrols or homeless handouts. Black Phoenix is the worlds first RLSH... in Cabot, Arkansas.

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