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"Do not follow in the footsteps of others... but make your own footsteps for others to follow..."

Black Cat is an Australian SuperHero. Operating in Coffs Harbour NSW. 

He moves from roof to roof taking down Muggers, Rapists, Perverts and alike. He patrolls the rooftops of his town, responding to the calls of the public.


Black Cat is a teenager, who first moved into crime fighting when he saw a girl being abused by her boyfriend at school. Naturally, he interviened, and got his ass kicked. But it was at that point he decided to train himself up to standard.

He lives in good neighborhood, in a house overlooking a very bad one.  It was in this neighborhood that he stopped is first crime as "The Black Cat". The girl called him her "Guardian angel" as he ascended to the rooftops.

[Source: Black Cat's Facebook page]


 He mastered Parkour, which allows him to move about his thick urban environment with considerable speed and flow. A Straight A student in physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Psychology and Chemistry. He is known by his schoolmates as "The guy who is always prepared"

He builds his own equiptment, armour, gadgets etc.

Armour & TechEdit

  • Custom Black and silver Full face helmet
  • Combat Modified Matte Black body armour(Lightweight for speed)
  • Combat boots
  • Tactical "Takedown" Gloves
  • Various Self Engineered Gadgets
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Flashbangs


His Facebook Page is:


No exposure as of now, but a lot of confused police officers.

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