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caption = Voice of the Voiceless

|hero =  Basilisk

category = Crimefighter

location = Taunton, Massachusetts; Plymouth, Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts

identity = Secret

status = Active

faction = Superheroes Anonymous

affiliates = Civitron, Tothian, Captain Ozone, Geist, Sentinel, Recluse

foes = Octavious Fong & the Roaming Eye of Doom, Circus Jaxs

gender = Male

costume = sunglasses, cape, xenomorph face mask, do-ragblack shirt with a dragon in a blue oval, cargo pants, boots

colors = black and blue

symbol = a dragon inside a blue oval, like Batman's logo

equipment = cellular phone,, mini-computer, stick weapons training, hand-to-hand combat, detective skills, strategist, profling, psychological combat


Template:Basilisk is a Real Life Superhero.


Facing his high school years being bullied, Basilisk made a promise that no one would face what he faced.  Seeing a report on shooting in rolar skating rink in Boston reafirmed his commitment on what he wanted to be.  He trained for years, going through college, martial arts, research, and training to perfect his craft.   Then upon an article on real life superheroes got the ball rolling.  Contacting Tothian, he became a part of the forum called the Heroes Network.  He honed his craft until one year, when he went in his first patrol in uniform.  Supermom drove him to his patrols however limited.  It was also close to home, in Taunton, since Boston was far away.  However, he loved being an RLSH.  His first contact with an encounter came when he stopped a drug deal with his prescene and demeanor.  His fighting skills came for real in Superheroes Anonymous 3 in New Bedford when he bested New York's Dark Guardian in a sparring match at a dojo.  He was always unafraid to face whatever troubles come, he even spoke about actions o0f some, even of high authority.  He was injured on September 18, 2010 in a patroil where he was hit from behind by drug dealer he thought of as drunk.  Even though he got fifteen staples in the head, Supermom, whom her and a Good Samaritan helped bring him to the hospital, was in cardiac arrest and went into a coma.  This fell deep on Basilisk as he thought he was going to Hell.  He still has those feelings.  As Supermom recovered, they had to move the operations to Plymouth, closer to home.  He had run-ins with the puppet Octavious Fong anfd his group the Roaming Eye of Doom.  He was called developmental slurs, but it didn't stop him.  He brought them down, with his reputation taking a blow, but he didn't give up.  Now meeting with Circus Jaxs, he never gives up the fight.

When Supermom passed recently, Basilisik still wants to continue the fight.   He knows he will do Boston soon, and he has no quit..  He has done toy drives every Christmas for under-privileged children.  He hopes to adovcate for victims' rights, and against bullying and domestic violence.

He did the most patrols in one year in his entire career in 2015, but there was a problem.  He was feeling off during one patrol in Plymouth.  He soon decided to do Boston to make himself more aware.  During development, each patrol made him more effective.  In 2016, he's going to be more aware of Boston, to make himself better.  To make 2016 & beyond the best ever.

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