Angels of Orange
Sent To Guard, To Protect and To Serve
Team Statistics
Group Angels of Orange
Category RLSH/Vigilante crimefighters/charity organization
Headquarters Zwolle
Status Active
Team Activity
Leader(s) Captain BrightLight
Members Captain BrightLight (leader), Bloodslash (founder), Incredible Spider (founder), Stealth Sicarian, Urban Soldier, GhostGuy, Orange Angel, Carnage Canine, Voltflare, Fluxic
Allies everyone who wants to make this world a better place
Foes criminal activity, animal cruelty, bullying, depression, racism, discrimination, abuse and everything else that keeps people from being happy
Actions Charity

The Angels of Orange, or AoO for short, are a group of Real Life Superheroes in The Netherands.


The Angels of Orange are founded by Bloodslash and the Incredible Spider. The group is still in development but it already made an impression in the city were it was founded. The group is lead by Captain BrightLight. Their most known action is giving free food to a homeless shelter.

Name origin Edit

The name is build up out of "Angels", which stands for helpers and/or protectors, and "Orange" which is the national colour of The Netherlands.

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